Fort Collins Traffic Congestion ::

I live 2.6 miles from my workplace. On any given day, one of Fort Collins’ main east/west streets, Horsetooth Road experiences gridlock. For a city of approximately 165,000 (depending on when CSU is in session), Fort Collins is experiencing significant slow downs and stall outs. By car, the 2.6 mile drive can take me up to 20 minutes. By bike, I can get to my office in ten minutes.

I moved here from Washington D.C. It’s an incredibly bike friendly city and many people who live there do not want a car. It’s impossible, really and very expensive to park, store your car, and navigate the influx of 80,000 people that populate and de-populate the city daily commuting into work from the more affordable surrounding cities.

While the traffic congestion here is minor, it’s an indicator of more challenges on the horizon as the population is increasing. The need to support and promote a more robust biking culture here is real and immediate.


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