Benefits of Bike Commuting ::

Aside from the obvious (save money, get exercise, speed up a commute) there have been a number of unexpected, pleasant, secondary-outcomes of becoming a bike commuter. This is what I did not expect:

  • Finding things – trinkets, jewelry, money and other shiny and interesting objects of delight. If I were in a car, I would have never found (my current total) over $53 in coins and bills on the ground, miscellaneous small tools and a perfectly preserved and intact dragonfly.
  • Ample parking spots – Fast, cheap and easy
  • Stress reduction – Riding home after a day of shade at work works wonders for my mood. Namaste bitchessssssss!
  • More food! – I’m saying this somewhat with tongue-in-cheek though serious that the amount of calories I can justify has increased, which I enjoy, especially since I’m on the other side of four zero. I’ve maintained a healthy diet with moderate intake of the stuff one needs to be moderate about however, burning more calories means needing more calories. Hello Devil’s food chocolate cake, potato chips, and beer! How bout’ a Fat Tire?!
  • Nice ass, lady! – Biking builds better butts…
  • Enhanced creativity – When you need to get somewhere by bike, you need to do a little bit of advanced planning. Being resourceful, resilient, and able to figure out how to run errands, haul things, and navigate a trip without having to ride on a busy street makes you think and often times, taps into your creativity
  • High-Five’s from Fort Collins best sign shaker and spinner
  • Experiencing nature more fully – The feeling of air on my skin, the smell of pine after it rains, the sounds you don’t hear in a car like birds chirping, children laughing or your own heartbeat. I’m so much more in touch and in tune with the natural environment because I’m in it; feeling it, sometimes fighting it (like when it’s windy) and having fun with it. I’m returning to the memory and now, experiencing again, a life connected to nature instead of connected to and dependent upon technology

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