Cool Bike Gear :: Fun(ctional) Faves

Staying safe on your bike is one of if not THE top goal for everyone who rides. I previously wrote about gear I thought I needed to get started as a bike commuter and most of my list was spot on. What I did not realize is how much cool schtuff there is to buy that’s functional from a safety perspective but also fun! Here are my top 3 favorites (so far) I’ve added to my cycling cache.

Spoke Lights 

This is a cheap little LED light set that you wedge into your spokes. It’s great because it illuminates you from the side whereas traditional lights are placed in the front and rear of your bike. They’re fun and they help enhance your safety on the road.

The Jones H-Bar 

img_3751This specialty handle bar improves comfort and control when riding because you have more hand and body positions to move into, plus it provides you with some extra storage space up front and center where it’s easy to access.

My bike has an H-Bar with Ergon Gp1 Biokork Handlebar Grips and I can tell you that those two things combined are fricking fantastic!

The Mini-Hornet Ultimate Bell and Bike Light

Okay, this was designed for kids but who isn’t a kid at heart when on a bike, right? !  This is a really fun way to announce your presence and set the tone for a fun ride, while staying safe.