The Zen of Winter Riding ::

Our recent snow here in FoCo has been challenging for me as a first time, winter bike commuter. I took a few days break from riding all together that I am 99.9999% certain would have continued had I not had my Plan-B, and C, get pulled out from under me completely. Important, however, because what occurred forced me to ride in conditions I didn’t perceive safe or feel comfortable riding in. A surprising thing happened as a result. 

Certain realities in my life have been reinforced and I’ve come to realize that riding in the snow is not so bad at all. Riding on icy roads forces you to be completely in the moment and even more “at one” with your bike as you’ve got to feel how to ride on snow, frosty roads and learn how to ride over ice. It demands your attention in ways riding in good weather does not. 

4de1efe3875b4b3665896164fcf07dd7On top of this, some unexpected pearls of insight and gifts, both physical and emotional, have materialized in my life: 

  • My co-workers at the two places I am employed at are more awesome and compassionate than I already perceived them to be previously.
  • Random acts of kindness and chance (?) interactions with total strangers have imparted some of the best and most helpful tips for winter riding, and riding in general.
  • I’ve met a stellar, someone special that would have not occurred had I not been forced to ride my bike when I really was not prepared to. Another chance interaction? Probably not. 

The universe has it’s way with us when we are making plans and not looking for anything or anyone to come into our lives ~ I’ll spare anyone reading this post from rambling, mystical rhetoric as most of us have experienced grace in one way, shape or form, whether conscious of it or not. 

I’m grateful, blessed, and lucky for the figurative, and literal, vehicle my bike has become. On the rocks, over ice, and through the slush of it all.