Pit Bulls and Marshmallows in the Mothership ::

This past week, I had a business meeting at New Belgium ~ aka: the Mothership of all things awesome!

Outside, the bike racks were full of a wide variety of vintage, retro, modern and totally trashy but functional bikes.

I knew as I approached the Liquid Center’s entrance that something especially special was brewing inside as a giant disco ball and glittery lights greeted me.



Inside, thousands of cascading marshmallows suspended from the ceiling created a cool, snowy scene. I wondered who the hipsters were that got tasked with stringing mallows.


At the main bar, was a pit bull dressed in a winter flannel fleece coat in the lap of  dog-daddy. Dog daddy, like all of us there, was enjoying one of the many flavorful and satisfying beers New Belgium is known for. My all time fave is still Fat Tire though this night, I tried chocolate chip cookie dough ale. Once I knew what the flavor was, it did not go down well. My brain was thinking chew not swallow. I never like posers… always the real thing of everything but NBB absolutely without doubt got the flavor nailed down!


As I tried very hard listening to my coworker, not because he’s a bore but because of the live band, I have to say I was much more interested in and distracted by all of the suspended, animated, libated activity swirling around me. Especially the pit bull at the bar.