Racks Among Us ::

9c1eedb00256ed5781f7b883546354f3Not all bike parking is created equal. As I’ve tooled around town, I’ve become more attune to spaces and places I am not willing to lock my bike up to. So what attributes make a good bike parking rack? A handy pocket guide of good vs. bad bike parking can be reviewed here by rack designer, Dero out of Minneapolis, MN.

Behold one of the worst examples located in a strip mall here in FoCo ~ the ultimate wheel bender.  Not only are there bad racks there are also bad practices when it comes to how one locks their bike in public. This slick slideshow reviews some of the surefire ways to get your bike stolen and examples of how not to lock your bike.


I’m a frequent flier on the MAX and love it however, I am not at all keen for the on-board bike racks. Many of them are either broken or malfunction and don’t provide a very stable way to secure your bike. These are heavily used daily so perhaps, they started out as more stable than they are now. I’ve seen bikes wheels locked in get twisted around and bikes take a tumble when the security arm slips off of bike tires.


Fortunately, in this super kuuul town of Fort Collins with it’s super hip bike culture, there are many more examples of good bike racks ~ beautifully branded! Check out some of them below!

Odell, Odell Brewing, Branded Bike Racks

Odell Brewing Co. has two sets of branded bike racks that mimmic their logo of a hop blossom.


Another local craft brewery, New Belgium Brewery, commissioned five, branded bike racks located throughout the urban core in FoCo. Check out the link for the additional, four designs. While these are whimsical and visually interesting, they are absolutely not the best racks to secure your bike to. They are difficult to find the best point of attachment and don’t provide the best structure for securing multiple bikes. I was at this business where this particular rack is located for an event recently and can attest to the mass frustration bike commuters had when trying to hook up to this rack. Most of us ended up attaching our bikes to the metal fence instead.


These custom designed bike racks are located at FoCo, Old Town MAX stops. These provide many point for attachment and are easy to pony up to with plenty of space between each rack.



This local business came up with a unique way to lock up. There are many more examples throughout FoCo of unique, custom designed racks. Some good, some bad, beautiful and bashed up ~ make a point to learn how you need to secure your bike and seek out the best places to ensure you have a bike to come back to!