My First Flat ::

It was bound to happen eventually. Luck has been on my side since I began riding a bike at age five. I’ve never had a flat tire in my entire, bike riding life! What are the odds…

I’ve ridden mountain bikes through NoCo wilderness over rocks, streams, and fallen timber, biked across the state of Iowa on RAGBRAI, and now, as a year-round bike commuter in Fort Collins, my first flat was ironically not on my commuter bike but on the Burley Tail Wagon trailer I tote my pups around town in. This was a great flat tire to practice on! It was not necessary to fix immediately, didn’t cramp my commute, and nobody crashed as a result.

I was not so sure exactly how to go about this in the most efficient, time saving manner, so I went to the Oracle of all Information ~ Google. Of course, thousands of blogs and YouTube videos to sift through, I refined my keyword search and came across “Five Mistakes Newbies Make When Changing Flats” compliments of Seth’s Bike Hacks.

According to Seth, I was equipped with the basic tools to accomplish this goal except, for some local flava~  a 90 Shilling Ale. Now, I was ready for this!


The hardest part was prying the tire from the wheel. A milk lever proved to be an invaluable tool for this task. Once I was able to get the tube out of the tire, I pulled the tire off the wheel to see if I could locate the source of the puncture. To my amazement, the source of my flat was the tiniest thorn I have ever seen! It had barely poked through the tire but enough to puncture the tube; helpful to see as it was exactly opposite of the tire stem. I inflated the tube, submerged it into water and quickly found the breach as a stream of bubbles emerged from the tube. After a light sanding of the tube’s surface, glue and a patch were placed over the microscopic hole. An hour later, the patch was secure and I put the tire back together making sure the thorn in my tire’s side was removed.

Ready to ride! My pup is secure and tires are road-worthy for a short trip to get coffee, brunch croissants, and a puppy latte. Thanks Seth and Odell brewing for a fast and enjoyable first flat tire fix!