Appreciative ::

As a year~round bike commuter, there are some things I’ve become very grateful for. Here are the top 10 things that make my ride soooo much better.

  1. Windless weather. When I get up each day, look out my living room window, and see no motion whatsoever among the massive canopy of tree branches in my neighborhood, a feeling of relief and encouragement washes over me because I know my ride is going to be soooo much more enjoyable.
  2. 40+   If the temperature is at least in the low 40’s, this is the start of a comfortable ride not requiring many layers of wool. This means less time getting ready for my commute as I can just ride to work in my business clothes.
  3. Silence. When my breaks, chain, and any other mechanical part make absolutely no noise, its comforting. It allows me to focus my attention more fully on enjoying the journey instead of worrying about what might be causing those rattles, clinks and clanks. Giving attention to lite maintenance every few days makes this possible.
  4. Prescription sunglasses.  I just purchased my first pair of custom made, polarized, script-sunglasses. I didn’t realize how much I was missing visually until these arrived. Sunsets and mountains in the distance are a wonderful thing to see clearly and in high-definition.
  5. Grillz. Riding around town through amazing aromas of fire, spices, and smoke is just awesome!
  6. Green lights. The ability to just keep rollin’ along without stopping is a rarity but a lot of fun when it happens! Yesterday, my morning commute literally had green lights all the way. My typical 10 minute commute took 5 minutes!
  7. Bike-friendly Drivers. Intersecting with drivers who respect the rights of a bike commuter makes a ride so much more pleasant! But, that goes both ways…
  8. Free Coffee. I don’t know why but I am gifted with a lot of free coffee! It’s great to start my morning commute this way.
  9. Extra Capacity. Being able to pack on and load up with a lot of stuff I could never walk with is a plus! The quantity of stuff I’ve been able to haul on my bike has amazed me. Small pieces of furniture, firewood, and multiple, small dogs ~ to name a few of the things that have come along for the ride…
  10. A Smile Returned. Experiencing a fellow bike commuter sharing a smile with me makes for a lovely, brief moment in time.