Top 5 Reasons why Lee’s Cyclery Rocks ::

IMG_4255I had an amazing experience today demonstrating one of THE best customer service related gestures I’ve ever had, anywhere. Here’s the back story first.

I was meeting a friend for lunch today however, the restaurant had no bike racks. I planned to visit one of my favorite bike shops in FoCo after lunch and knew there were racks there so made a quick jaunt across the parking lot to Lee’s Cyclery.

Ive blogged about bike racks before and y’all know which ones I don’t prefer so I’ll leave that unsaid however, as I frustratingly fumbled and fretted as to how I was going to comfortably lock my bike up to this crummy rack, a voice from above appeared.


“Hey there ~ are you planning on coming inside?” I said “Yeah, after lunch I planned to stop in.” This guy popped out of Lee’s like warm buttered toast and said “You don’t want to leave a bike with components like that locked outside ~ bring your bike in and we’ll keep it safe in here for you.”

Holy cow! I could not believe what I heard. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and impressed by how smart this dude was. Whether he intended to or not, what their Sales Associate Rob Rupp did was genius salesmanship and PR for Lee’s.

It made me want to shop there, created a reason I had to go back into the store, and gave their staff time to eyeball my bike which could help them suggest things it might need or products I might like to value-add my ride with. From a sales perspective, brilliant! From a human perspective, that was compassion in action. The other outcomes of this is that  lunch with my friend was more relaxing knowing my bike was safe and, it inspired this blog.

This very simple gesture has given me one more reason why I think Lee’s Cyclery crushes it! Here are my top 5.

1. Product Knowledge – Lee’s has been in the bike biz for a looong time. Their staff are bike advocates, aficionados, and commuters themselves and they know their stuff!

2. Community Support – Lee’s gives back to the local community in some major ways. This local first ethic generates mucho good will.

3.  Awesome Customer Service – I’ve personally never had less than great customer service but today, it was stellar. Low key, friendly, not aggressive nor edgy.

4. Variety – Good selection of all bikes and bike accessories for all types and terrains.

5.  Convenient Shopping Experience – Open 7 days a week, this ensures me that despite my working hours, there’s always a day I can shop there in person, or online! I love being able to look at their inventory online first and oftentimes, I see product I wasn’t aware existed.

If you’ve not been to Lee’s, stop in and check them out.