Haaaaail no! Navigating Wild Weather

Some weather conditions, while amazing, if not exciting to witness, are just not something you want to ride through.

Here are my top 5 weather conditions that cause me to pause when bike commuting and more importantly, options to still get around town.

5. Extreme heat or cold – for me, that’s anything over 100 and under -10 below zero. I’ve ridden in both, but not too enjoyable.

4. Torrential downpours – a little rain is fine and sometimes fun. A lot of rain, in sheets, or buckets, I’ll take a Lyft.

3. Wind – anything over 20 mph, especially with gusts of wind, becomes dangerous plus it’s just really hard to pedal into a strong wind.

2. Ice – its possible to ride on ice but not easy and not safe. Cars can’t control where they slide and neither can a bike commuter.

1. Hail – it limits visibility, it hurts, and creates icy marbles on the road. Can’t get much worse than this!

Fortunately, timing and a little bit of luck was on my side today as I stopped by my private mailbox minutes before a wild thunderstorm producing quarter sized hail hit FoCo.

I was safe, dry, and had a great view of some wild weather! And within about 1/2 hour, back on the road for a cool, pleasant  ride home.

There are always options for navigating bad weather conditions for commuters: My top 5 choices are:

5. Walk – while this may seem not much better than riding in bad weather, you’ve got more stabiility and aren’t on the road with cars. These two factors alone increase your safety.

4. Friends and Family – if someone offers you a ride as a plan-B, why not let them help? Do something nice for them in return.

3. Carpool – always a great option regardless of weather that you can plan in advance.

2. The MAX – it’s a great way to get out of the elements, relax, listen to music or take the opportunity to get some work done. An annual pass is $50. Now that’s affordable transportation!

1. Lyft – or any of the other ride share services, it’s affordable and like having a personal chauffeur!

You’ve got options to get where you need to go. Plan in advance, watch the weather report closely so you can anticipate an easy, comfortable commute.

Refuge from a hail storm