Random Acts of Kindness ::

IMG_4527One of the more surprising thing that’s happened to me as a result of becoming a year round bike commuter are the kind and compassionate people I’ve met along my journey so far. I’m just one month shy of my one year anniversary being a bike commuter and it’s been a bumpy, thrilling, terrifying, beautiful experience so far.

Recently, we had a wicked hail storm I was fortunate enough to have been inside a business I frequent when the hail hit the road ~ the UPS Store at 1001 E. Harmony Rd. While I waited for the storm to pass, it created an opportunity to visit with the staff as we were all watching the storm roll in. The topic of my bike commuting came up and I shared some recent experiences and talked about the process of going car free in FoCo.

A few days later, I received a wonderful surprise from one of the staff  ~ a hand made, bright, sunshiny and sparkly coffee tumbler for my bike along with a lovely hand written note. It was so heartwarming, it literally brought tears of joys to me. I really needed some sunshine at that moment.

Keep Your Wheels Turning ~ my newest, favorite addition to my bike commuting gear and kind source of inspiration to keep me peddling on down the road!

And you too can have a custom made, tumbler of your choice at The Craft Addict Co! Check it out!