Gear Review :: Darn Tough socks

Darn Tough, merino wool socks, bike socks, Fort Collins, bike commutingSocks are an important piece of gear for bike commuters; especially in a four season geography. Warmth, breathability, durability, lightness, and cushion are all features we want but what’s the best brand of sock for biking? This gear review of Darn Tough ultra-light bike socks weighs in on why this brand is worth a test ride.

  • Socks – it’s ALL they do – This company only makes socks. Darn Tough Vermont® is a brand owned by Cabot Hoisery Mills, Inc. in Northfield, VT. They’re independently owned, they’ve remained true to their mission, and they specialize in and are able to control quality of their socks because of those factors.
  • Cool in the summer, warm in the winter – Merino wool, my favorite. Darn Tough’s bike sock blend is a 55% nylon, 39% merino wool, 6% lycra blend.
  • Made in the U.S.A. – Very few garments and clothing items are made in the U.S. A. and there are a lot of reasons for this beyond the scope of a gear review. Suffice it to say, for me, any company that employs U.S. citizens, pays taxes, and contributes to the local economy is important to me to support.IMG_0068
  • Guaranteed for Life! – That’s a tall order and a significant statement. Socks wear out so if this company says guaranteed for life, I have a feeling they’re very well made.

Already, wearing these socks for just a few days I can tell a difference in the fit versus their competition’s cycle sock. They’re higher in the front of the foot and provide better coverage where my shoe tongue covers the top of my foot, they’re lightly cushioned, and their seam work is seamless for a friction-free fit. Time will tell in how well these socks last but I’m encouraged based upon their stellar reputation and looking forward to a lifetime having Darn Tough socks along for the ride!