Plan B for Winter Bike Commuting ::

Bike commuting in winter is surprisingly easy! I’m never cold and it’s possible because there are options to help one stay safe, warm, and comfortable. But let’s be honest, there are some days you just don’t want to ride in the elements nor may it be safe. Check out my top “plan B” tips for bike commuting in winter!

Adjust your Attitude – Ditching your car and choosing a car-free commuting life is only possible with a major attitude adjustment. It’s as much a psychological endeavor as it is physical. Start your day with an “I CAN DO THIS!” attitude and enjoy all of the positive, unique, experiences you’re about to enjoy!

Plan in Advance – Bike commuting is so much easier with a little advanced planning, watching the weather forecast, getting organized, and having your gear ready to go. I layout my base layers, socks, gloves and other gear so I can quickly jump into them depending on weather conditions.

Christine Pardee and Bailey
Bailey and mom, Christine. Comfy and warm in merino wool on a 33 degree day!

Merino wool – My preferred fabric for layering, merino wool is a must have for your base layers, socks, glove liners, hats, etc. If you don’t have any, get some!

Get a ZipCar Membership – FoCo now has ZipCar and it’s amazingly easy to use and affordable! When I want to take my pups Gus and Bailey for a hike in the hills, I simply reserve a zip car and we’re on our way to places I can’t get to only by bike.

Ride Share – My preferred ride share company is Lyft. It’s another great option when you just don’t feel like riding in the elements or need to get somewhere very quickly that you can’t do on a bike.