Peddling Painting :: A Chance Meeting with a Budding Artist

It was a beautiful, windless, sunny day for FC Bikes Open Streets festival. Three miles of residential streets were closed to car traffic then transformed into a pop-up-city for local non profits, food vendors, musicians, and neighborhood groups. The festival’s purpose is to promote and support walkable and bikeable communities creating the experience for participants go car-free throughout miles of fun … More Peddling Painting :: A Chance Meeting with a Budding Artist

100 Miles a Week ::

As a year-round bike commuter, I easily rack up 100 miles + of bike riding, per week. I shared this with my coworkers recently and that as a fact, and reality, was met with disbelief. “How?! You only have a 1.7 mile commute to and from work?” When one uses a bike for their primary mode of … More 100 Miles a Week ::

Appreciative ::

As a year~round bike commuter, there are some things I’ve become very grateful for. Here are the top 10 things that make my ride soooo much better. Windless weather. When I get up each day, look out my living room window, and see no motion whatsoever among the massive canopy of tree branches in my neighborhood, a … More Appreciative ::

My First Flat ::

It was bound to happen eventually. Luck has been on my side since I began riding a bike at age five. I’ve never had a flat tire in my entire, bike riding life! What are the odds… I’ve ridden mountain bikes through NoCo wilderness over rocks, streams, and fallen timber, biked across the state of Iowa on … More My First Flat ::